Hanifa School’s News in Gujarat Siyasat

A team of student counsellors and trainers from Aishabai and Haji Abdul Latif Charitable trust, Mumbai visited Hanifa School for almost a week long Student counselling session and Teacher’s Workshop.
They aimed at reaching out to students’ needs and addressing their issues by a way of innovative games and varied activities designed for them. A personalised meeting was arranged with students so as to provide a individual feedback, suggestions and guidance to their academic or co – curricular issues.
The entire week schedule comprised of games, activities and programmes for students of class 6 to 10.
The student’s parents also weer involved along with the teaching staff members by providing specific tips, suggestions and guidance for implementation as they are the stake holders in the holistic development of students.

News on teacher's session and students counselling week  in Gujarat Siyasat
News on teacher’s session and students counselling week in Gujarat Siyasat